Browns Fans Definitely Shouldn’t Watch This Compilation Video Of All Of Baker Mayfield’s Interceptions This Year

baker mayfield interceptions

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Things are not going well in Cleveland so far this season. The Browns entered the season more hyped than ever before but find themselves at 2-4 on the year.

One reason behind Cleveland’s poor season thus far has been the play of Baker Mayfield; the man has just been flat-out bad and the jump from year one to year two in the NFL has been beyond tough on him. Things are so bad with Mayfield our own Nick Dimengo changed his phone background from Baker to Alf. See, I told you things were bad.

The two biggest numbers that pop off the page when looking at Mayfield’s numbers this year are his measly five touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Through his first six games last season he had eight touchdowns and just six picks.

One Browns fan decided to piece together all 11 of Mayfield’s pick this year into a compilation video that I suggest not watching if you are a Cleveland fan or simply hate bad football plays.

Ok, so maybe not all 11 interceptions fall on Mayfield. In watching the video I count five of the 11 solely coming as a result of bad throws while the other six are the result of bad route running or tipped passes. You’ll also notice that the Browns’ offensive line gets bullied more often than not when Mayfield throws a pick which is a major problem for Cleveland as well.

It turns out, at least for the time being, the Browns are still, in fact, the Browns.