Mike Florio Details Long-Term Fantasy Scenario Of Baker Mayfield Joining The Patriots

by 5 months ago
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Baker Mayfield had one of the best rookie seasons for a quarterback in NFL history. Not only did he pass for 27 touchdowns — setting a new record for the most ever by a rookie — but he also showed the Cleveland Browns aren’t as pathetic as we all believed, guiding them to a 7-8-1 record. So it’s safe to say that Mayfield is expected to be a star for years to come in the league.

And, considering last year’s No. 1 overall pick won’t be a free agent until the 2023 offseason, one would think that Baker Mayfield will make his mark on the league and continue to “feel dangerous” with the Browns. But, after that, one person sees a scenario where the quarterback could take his talent to, gulp, the New England Patriots.

According to long-time NFL reporter Mike Florio, he foresees a situation where, in 2023, Baker Mayfield forces his hand like most NBA superstars do, demanding a trade to the Pats to replace Tom Brady when he finally decides to call it quits. Here’s what Florio had to tell WEEI’s “Mut & Callahan”, via NESN, about the long-term fantasy scenario.

“I could see Mayfield after six, seven years in the NFL, forcing his way out (of Cleveland) and maybe the road finds its way to New England,” Florio said, as transcribed by WEEI’s Ryan Hannable. “Now, I don’t know if Tom Brady has six years left, but it would be six more years at the most before Mayfield could walk away wherever he wants to go.”

“I could see him having that NBA-type player mentality, even though it takes longer in the NFL. I could see him saying I am all in while I am here, but I am not signing a contract extension.”

As Florio admits, that’s asking a lot of Tom Brady, who is currently 41 years old and says that his goal’s to play till he’s 45. That means that, given the fact Baker Mayfield is signed with the Browns through the 2022 season, it would leave a little overlap there. But, in Florio’s scenario, maybe Baker pulls a Anthony Davis move and forces a trade? It’s rare in the NFL, but could happen in a few years.

And, sure, while the Patriots showed some interest in possibly trading up to snag Baker Mayfield in last year’s NFL Draft, who knows where the state of the franchise will be in five or six years.

In my opinion, this whole plan sounds pretty farfetched, especially when you’re talking about five, six or even seven years down the road. Could it happen? Of course. But Baker Mayfield has this whole “me against the world” mentality that seems to work really well with the Cleveland Browns and their fans, and, even with potential success as his career moves along, it’s hard to imagine this Madden-like situation working out the way Mike Florio sees it. But, sh*t, props to the guy if he calls this accurately.


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