Baker Mayfield Shaved His Beard And Now Looks His Mom Packs His Lunch

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield has oscillated between various lengths of facial hair since his college days. He rocked a five o’clock shadow when he grabbed his dick and balls after Kansas players refused to shake hands with him after the pre-game coin toss. And when he planted the OU flag at midfield at Ohio State’s stadium. His face pubes were in full swing during his NFL debut, and when he stood up Hue Jackson when he tried to hug him as a brand new coach of the Bengals.

Browns fans, who’ve known not to expect much from their team in the past, feel they have a legitimate shot to make waves in the league this season with huge offseason pickups and a quarterback primed to hit his stride.

Baker knows that this season is all business, which is likely why he shaved his face to the skin for OTAs. (That, and he promised his fiancee Emily Wilkinson that he’d get rid of the beard before their wedding less than two months away).

In any event, he looks like the quarterback for the opposing team in a Disney movie.

Browns fans were all over the news.

We’ll keep you posted as this important news develops.

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