This Video Of The Ball State Football Team Working Out Like Absolute SAVAGES May Convince Me To Actually Go To The Gym

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WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Kind of makes me actually want to follow through with leg day! Really? Nah, I’m fucking with you. But holy shitballs, that’s a squad I want to play for. A bunch of SAVAGES. I still have four years left of eligibility and only needed to call for a sub three times in my last flag football game. I’m a shoelace tackler whose motor runs until the whistle is blown. Also, a solid locker room addition. Give me a goddamn roster spot coach, I’ll wear number 00 I don’t care! MAKE ME A CARDINAL.

From the Ball State Athletic website:

Lifting weights is a pretty straightforward activity.  It can get a little mundane.  Pick this weight up.  Put that weight down.  But that’s why Ball State Football Strength and Conditioning coach Dave Feeley makes a big effort to spice things up once in a while.

Two years ago the Cardinals got to pose with the WWE Championship (belt) if they hit 90% of their maximum squat at a late point in the season.  Last year they got dressed up in war paint.  This year they dressed like the Incrdible Hulk.

I’m typically not a betting man but I’m throwing the family farm on a BSC title from Ball State this year. Don’t even care that they were 5-7 last year. I’m a believer.

When she say she bringing over her sorority sisters…

Meanwhile, the celebration for a blog post that brings in solid traffic:

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