Baltimore Ravens Meet With Top Quarterback Prospect

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Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

With just over a week left until the NFL Draft, teams around the league are finishing up their last visits as they figure out who they want to add to their rosters next week.

One of those final visits is one that could lead to an interesting move in round one of the draft.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Baltimore Ravens had Anthony Richardson visit today.

The news recently coming out of Baltimore has seemed to indicate that Jackson and the Ravens intend to work things out.

Jackson recruited Odell Beckham Jr to the team and the Ravens signing him was definitely a move intended to make Jackson happy.

Still, until there is a commitment of some kind, the Ravens have to continue to examine their options.

Richardson is definitely not going to be available at pick 22 for the Ravens, but recent news has made it seem like they might not need to move up as far as expected to get him.

The reports that the Texans don’t want a QB if Bryce Young isn’t available and there’s a chance that no other QB gets taken in the top 4 could mean Richardson would be available closer to the back of the top 10.

If the Ravens were to trade up for Richardson or if they were to acquire an earlier pick as part of a Jackson trade, the former Florida Gator would ba replacement that makes a lot of sense.

There are concerns about Richardson throwing the ball, but his athleticism would make him a major threat on the ground from the second he enters the league.

There’s no team in football that likes to have their QB run as much as the Ravens.

There is a lot that would need to happen between now and next Thursday for the Ravens to actually end up drafting a quarterback, but Anthony Richardson to the Baltimore Ravens is a pick that could be a great fit for both the team and the player.