Baltimore Ravens O-Lineman John Urschel Landed Four As In An MIT Math PhD Program

by 2 years ago

Look, it’s just a fact that Baltimore Ravens guard John Urschel is one of the smartest AND coolest dudes in the NFL. Last year I got to hang out with him and play Connect Four, in which he’s pretty much undefeated. Earlier this year, around the time of the NFL Draft, I talked to him about the MIT math PhD program he’s currently enrolled in while not playing in the NFL. Urschel is the man.

If you think he’s just coasting through one of academia’s toughest PhD programs just because he’s making millions in the NFL, you’re dead wrong. Before heading to training camp this summer, the former Penn State Honors student landed four As at MIT. Via:

He’s also recently landed a side gig as a spokesperson for Texas Instruments. I can’t think of a better spokesperson for the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. That damn thing made my simpleton English Major mind explode a couple times.

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