Baltimore Ravens Star Is Not Happy With Team’s Lamar Jackson Decision

Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Rob Carr

Football fans have been waiting for quite some time to find out how Lamar Jackson‘s contract situation would end up playing out.

He spent much of last offseason not negotiating with the Baltimore Ravens before setting a deadline for a new deal at the start of the regular season.

That new deal never came. Then he struggled with an injury again late in the season, missing the team’s last 5 regular season games and the playoffs.

Then the two sides went back to their stalemate in negotiations.

Jackson reportedly wants a deal in the neighborhood of the fully-guaranteed deal Deshaun Watson received last offseason. The Ravens haven’t been willing to give that to him.

The situation got particularly interesting recently as the prospect of Lamar Jackson getting franchise tagged became more and more likely.

The deadline to franchise tag a player was earlier today and the Ravens ended up deciding to use the non-exclusive franchise tag for Jackson, which means other teams can still offer him a contract, but the Ravens have a chance to match the offer or the other team will have to give up 2 first round picks for Jackson.

After this decision was made, star offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley tweeted out a Gif expressing his displeasure with the development.

The closer we got to the deadline, the more likely it seemed that a franchise tag was inevitable.

The good news for Stanley and the Ravens is that this doesn’t necessarily mean Jackson will end somewhere else this offseason.

While it seems unlikely that Jackson would play on the franchise tag, this could lead to him finally agreeing to a long-term deal with the Ravens.

What ends up happening this offseason will give us a clear picture of what his value is right now on the open market.

From there, the Ravens will have a clear decision to make. They can either match any offer or let him go and start looking for their next quarterback.

For now, Ronnie Stanley and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens can at least hold onto some hope that Lamar Jackson will still be their quarterback next season.