Former Barcelona Star Gerard Pique Trolls Ex-Wife Shakira After Her Latest Song Release

Barcelona star Gerard Pique

Getty Image / Eric Alonso

Shakira dropped a new song about her breakup with her ex-husband Gerard Pique. Since it was released it’s garnered over 126 million views on YouTube.

There’s a line in the song though that must have caught Pique’s attention, as he used it as an opportunity to troll the famous pop star.

Shakira’s new song is called BZRP Music Sessions #53. The song is definitely a direct shot at her former husband. They had a messy divorce and since then it’s been filled with petty moves from both sides. Well, after her song release, the Barcelona star took an opportunity to troll her.

In the song, Shakira has a line where she claims “Pique traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo.” It’s actually a pretty clever lyric considering the marriage ended due to Gerard Pique allegedly cheating on her. However, the Barcelona star trolled his ex-wife by showing up to work in a Twingo.

Will these two ever not be petty with one another? They’ve done nothing but take continuous shots at one another since the breakup. It’s like they’re constantly trying to one-up each other. Either way, this was actually a clever way for Gerard Pique to troll Shakira. Why not go buy the car your ex-wife claims you traded a Ferrari for?

Hopefully, these two can finally move on eventually. Until then we’re probably going to keep seeing petty moves over and over. The ball is in Shakira’s court now.