Barry Switzer Blames Madonna And Michael Jackson For Inspiring Baker Mayfield To Grab His Crotch Against Kansas

by 3 years ago

Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy frontrunner Baker Mayfield isn’t starting in his senior day game against West Virginia, after grabbing his crotch while taunting Kansas last week.

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley eplained the benching during a press conference last week.

“I think what we’re setting forward here is going to provide Baker an opportunity to do that. I know it certainly is going to get his attention and I think he will handle [it] the right way like he has just about everything here in his career. I would also say that despite this, no matter how long I go coaching, whatever the rest of my career ends up being like, I don’t know that if I will ever have a player that’s as special to me as he is…

“…And we’ve been through a lot together. He’s a tremendous teammate. He’s the best player in America. He’s got a great heart that people don’t get to see like I do. “

Former Sooners coach Barry Switzer weighed in on the Mayfield situation and blamed Madonna and Michael Jackson for the crotch-grabbing in incident.

Hey, you know, I blame it on Madonna and Michael Jackson. They started all that grabbing the crotch years ago, and it’s been on social media. Everybody sees it. We see it in the movies. We see it every day out there,” Switzer says.

“So, all of a sudden, everybody gives me this: ‘Hey, he’s an insult. We oughta fire him. We oughta kick him off the team.’ They’re idiots, and thank God they’re not the coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. How about that?”

Of course everyone is to blame except for Mayfield himself.

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