It Turns Out That Noah Syndergaard Is The One That Came Up With Bartolo Colon’s ‘Big Sexy’ Nickname

bartolo colon nickname big sexy

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Bartolo Colon has been known as ‘Big Sexy’ for many years now, but the origin story behind one of the greatest nicknames in all of sports had never really been revealed.

Colon decided to change that, however, and give us the background on where the name came from in his upcoming book, which is so perfectly titled ‘Big Sexy: In His Own Words.’ It turns out, however, that the story behind the nickname isn’t all too crazy, it was as simple as a former teammate calling him ‘Big Sexy’ and it sticking.

“Noah Syndergaard just started calling me Big Sexy in 2015, and the name stuck,” Colon wrote, according to New York Post. “I don’t think I’m sexy, but if the fans like the name, I like it, too.”

Syndergaard later took ‘Big Sexy’ to a whole other level with an Instagram picture of him and his entire family rocking Big Sexy t-shirts with Colon’s face on them back in 2015. Colon saw an opportunity there and filed for a trademark on the nickname in 2016.

Colon is no longer pitching in the MLB after 21 years in the league, but the soon to be 47-year-old is still tossing it in the Mexican League for the Acereros de Monclova. The four-time All-Star suited up for 12 different teams during his long stint in The Show.

We can’t get out of here without watching one of the greatest sports highlights of all-time: