Baseball Announcer Predicts His Own ‘Nick Castellanos Moment’ As Batter Hits HR While He’s Discussing Loss Of His Uncle

Baseball announcer predicts Nick Castellanos Moment

iStockphoto / HungXuan

  • The now infamous ‘Nick Castellanos Home Run’ is the gift that keeps on giving after an announcer predicted he’d get Castellanos’d
  • During a game between the Washington Wild Things and Tri-City ValleyCats the announcer was discussing hte passing of his uncle when the batter hit a home run
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Nick Castellanos is having a heck of a year for the Cincinnati Reds. He is currently batting .329 on the season with 18 HRs. I only know this because I just looked it up after realizing the only time I ever take notice of hearing the name ‘Nick Castellanos’ is when clips like the one below go viral.

It all started when former Cincinnati Reds announcer Thom Brennaman dropped a homophobic slur in what turned out to be his last game. Here’s the clip that started it all if you haven’t seen it yet:

Well, another ‘Nick Castellanos Moment’ took place in early July when Nick hit a home run that interrupted a tribute to a deceased veteran. After the second time, we’re looking at a trend.

Flash forward to last weekend’s game between the Washington Wild Things and Tri-City ValleyCats. Announcer Kyle Dawson was discussing the sudden and deeply emotional loss of his Uncle Charlie when he put the Nick Castellanos Curse™ on himself. He uttered the words “just going to give you the visuals and hope I don’t get Nick Castellanos’d and somebody hits a home run to tie the game right now.” Naturally, the batter hit a bomb half a second later. Here’s the clip:

Dawson went on to say “there’s Uncle Charlie, getting me back” and the impression I got here was this moment lifted his spirits at a time when he was feeling awful.

Fans were quick to offer support to the announcer during this difficult time for him and his family. I doubt he’ll ever read this but if he does, I’ll be sending some positive thoughts his way.