Baseball Fan Goes Viral For Running Away From A Foul Ball And Letting It Hit His Girlfriend

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  • This baseball fan is going viral for running away from a foul ball rather than trying to catch it
  • Making matters worse, it ricocheted off of his girlfriend sitting in the seat next to him
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One college baseball fan is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Weโ€™ve seen so many great catches from viewers in the stands this season. This guy snagged a ball while feeding his baby. Another nabbed one in his popcorn box.

But with the good comes the bad. Look no further than this guy soaking his girlfriend in beer while botching an attempt to make a play.

Over the weekend, one more fan was added to this list of poor efforts.

In a college baseball matchup between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Kansas Jayhawks, this fan made the mistake of leaving his girlfriend unprotected against the wrath of a foul ball.

In the sixth inning of play, a pop up was skyed behind home plate, finding its way into the stands on the third base side. A couple was sitting alone in the bleachers with one man poised to be the hero.

In a shocking twist, the fan leaves his girlfriend unattended as he runs away to avoid the foul ball. He missed his 15 minutes of fame.

Making matters worse, the ball ricochets off the steps and bounces off the lonesome lady. The quickest route from hero to zero. Check it out.

Baseball fan runs away from foul ball, watches it hit his girlfriend

As expected, the comments section was not kind. A poll was overwhelmingly in favor of his girlfriend calling it quits immediately after the game.


Hope heโ€™s got a comfy couch at home. He might be sleeping on it for a while.