Minor League Manager Has Massive Meltdown After Getting Ejected, Drop Kicks Base, Rosin Bag, And Foul Line

Joe Mikulik ejection minor league baseball

Frisco RoughRiders manager Joe Mikulik was extremely heated arguing a runner’s interference call at second base during his team’s game against the Tulsa Drillers last night. He was quickly ejected and then the real fireworks started…

We’ve seen a manager drop-kick a base before – I wanna say Lou Pinella? – and we’ve also seen a skipper kick his cap – possibly also Lou Pinella? But, sliding into second multiple times to prove his point, kicking the rosin bag AND the third base line as he heads for the dugout? That’s next level meltdown.

Oh, and I almost forgot the part where he spits in the one umpire’s mouth! You can see Mikulik shouting his balls off and the umpire just slowly turn and loudly say, “He spit in my mouth. He spit in my mouth”. Hey, Blue, when the RoughRiders and Drillers get together, you best believe there’ll be spit getting swapped!

Here’s the video description from someone who’s maybe seen this act one too many times:

“Frisco RoughRiders manager, Joe Mikulik, was up to his old ways Tuesday night, as he lost his cool, once again. Mikulik put on a three-minute show filled with slides, kind words and the thievery of second base, following his ejection. ESPN #‎SCTop10 meltdown in #‎DrillVille.”

For a hot second, I thought I was reading a review of the new gay bar in town. Frisco RoughRiders and #DrillVille. That’ll get your ass-less chaps in a tizzy.

Via Business Insider

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