High School Baseball Teams Settle Playoffs With Intense Game Of Rock, Paper, Scissors Following Rain Delay

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If you clicked on this article, you will be rewarded with some good clean fun between two groups of youths. That’s tough to come by nowadays so please cherish this before you watch the videos of teenagers bullying the kid with scoliosis or students beating up elderly teachers.

North Haven and Amity high schools were set to compete in the Southern Connecticut Conference tournament semifinal but the game was delayed due to rain.

The two teams decided to settle the game as our founding fathers would have liked: beat the shit out of one another until one man remained Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Both teams sent out their starting pitchers for the first round in matchup that went 11 tense rounds. Check it out below.

WARNING: Good, clean fun ahead.

North Haven ended up pulling out the W, 5-4 and giving coach Bob DeMayo’s his 900th victory. Clubs are ‘awaiting a ruling’ from the conference commissioners office.

[h/t GameTimeCT]

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