Basketball Fans Roast Charles Barkley For Horrendous NCAA Tournament Opening Round Prediction

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Charles Barkley is a busy man these days.

The former NBA MVP turned Inside the NBA star spends most of nights on the set of the TNT shows.

But it’s March Madness time, meaning Barkley is shifting gears and changing his focus over to the college basketball world for the next month.

He probably wishes that weren’t the case right about now, however.

Prior to Thursday night’s wave of first-round games, Barkley broke down the Midwest Region matchup between seventh-seeded Texas A&M and 10th-seeded Penn State.

The Aggies entered the tournament often a strong season in the SEC that saw them go 25-9 and reach the SEC Tournament final before losing to top overall seed Alabama.

The Nittany Lions, meanwhile, needed a miraculous 8-2 run in the final 10 games of the season to get off the bubble and into the dance.

So you can understand Barkley’s thinking when he made this prediction…

Barkley claimed that the Texas A&M would roll past Penn State and that the game “won’t even be close.”

Well, he was right on one account. The game was not even close. Penn State shot the lights out, going 13-of-22 from 3, and rolled passed the Aggies on the way to a 76-59 victory that wasn’t as close as the final score showed.

Barkley quickly backtracked after the game

But as he well knows, the internet is not quick to forget. And they did not shy away from taking the opportunity to put Barkley in his place.

Charles barkley said Penn state was gonna get blown out by Texas a&m multiple times during the pregame show. He should have to issue an apology for being so wrong and dumb all the time,” one Twitter user said.”


Well, Chuck, it could always be worse. You could be the guy who promised to tase himself in the butt if Texas A&M lost. So there’s that.