Watch This High School Basketball Player Hit His Chin On The Rim For Those Of You Losers Who Can’t

by 4 years ago
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We recently posted a video of 6’1” Jordan Kilganon doing an insane ‘lost and found’ jam, combining coordination and ungodly hops.

Today, I present to you Jecoby Bush. Jecoby is a 6’9″, 185-pound forward at Clear Springs High School in Texas. He is an organ donor, a Gemini, and can jump so high he can look over the rim. Here’s Jecoby displaying his otherworldly bounce.

Ya, I’d give it a shot but tore my MCL back in ’91.

So I’ve just been reliving my days on the hardwood by spending the majority of the afternoon checking out Dunk Academics Instagram account.

Here are a few of my favorites. Let us pray.

K, mom I guess I’ll come in for dinner.