Behold The Invisible Half Pipe—A BMX Biker Attached To A Swing



I want to say firstly that I started watching this video and was in no way impressed, and found it rather boring, then somehow got in to it and found myself captivated.

The attraction here for a BMX rider is enormous, no half pipe = no crashes and broken bones. On the other hand, you’re just a dude riding a damn bicycle back and forth attached to a swing and jabbering on about the sweet tricks you pulled.

Maybe that last part was a bit too critical, because like I said before it was pretty captivating once he got going….

via reddit

So yes, it is somehow cool, but also incredibly lame at the same time. For posterity’s sake I’m going to assume this contraption is only an interim device between not having the ability to build a half pip and actually building one. Because if a BMX rider is riding this out of fear of hurting himself, that’s just a terribly lame world I don’t want to live in.

On the other hand of this relatively vanilla exercise we’ve got this insane person doing it with a motorbike…ENJOY:

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