Ben Simmons Awkwardly Shows Up To Sixers Practice Wearing Sweatpants, Wouldn’t Take His Phone Out Of His Pocket, And Slinked Out During Team Huddle

Ben Simmons

After a summer filled with drama Ben Simmons showed up to Sixers practice but it was apparent that he didn’t really want to be there.

Months after demanding a trade, Simmons is back with the team and was seen participating in practice on Monday.

Fans noticed that Simmons awkwardly practiced while wearing sweatpants and had his phone in his pocket the whole time.

When it was time for the team huddle at the end of practice Simmons was seen dribbling a basketball behind his teammates and was one of the first ones to exit the floor.

Before the start of the season, Simmons threatened to sit out unless he was traded but then changed his tune when the Sixers started to withhold his paycheck. It’s currently unclear if the Sixers will eventually trade Simmons but it seems like he’s going to make things as awkward as possible.