Bengals Fans Are Convinced Kicker Randy Bullock Faked Injury During Missed FG And Lied About It During Postgame Interview


The Cincinnati Bengals suffered their first heartbreaking loss of the season on Sunday and fans are not happy with kicker Randy Bullock.

On the final play of the Chargers-Bengals game, Bullock missed a potential game-winning chip shot field goal from 31 yards out.

Bullock, who was seen holding his leg after the play, claimed that his left calf cramped up as he was kicked the ball which caused him to miss the field goal.

Bengals fans aren’t buying Bullock’s excuse considering he was holding his right leg in the video of the play and not his left leg as he claims.

It’s going to be a long season for Bengals fans if the team continues to find new ways to lose games.

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