Tennis Player Tells Heckler ‘I’ll Put My Balls In Your Mouth’ At The U.S. Open After Being Pushed Too Far

Tennis: U.S. Open

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Heckling is part of the live pro sports experience in America, it’s woven into the fabric of competition. Sometimes hecklers go too far for the athlete’s liking and we as fans get to witness a meltdown. Such was the case last night at the U.S. Open when Bernard Tomic, a 23-year-old Australian tennis player ranked #19 in the world, lost his shit on a fan who pushed him too far.

Normally, footage like this would be cut immediately and never see the light of day but we’re living in the glorious Age of the Internet, and a microphone picked up Bernard Tomic telling a heckling fan ‘I’ll put my balls in your mouth’…You’ll need the volume turned up for this one as we’re listening to a pro athlete at the U.S. Open telling a fan he’s going to teabag him:

And because of the pussification of America Bernard Tomic has had to IMMEDIATELY release an apology, via New York Daily News:

An on-court microphone caught the Australian telling a spectator, “I’ll put my balls in your mouth,” during his match against Damir Dzumhur after the fan heckled him.
Tomic maintained that he was baited constantly during the match.
“I definitely apologized to what I said to him,” Tomic said. “He definitely baited me the whole set.”
Tomic added that it was a lone voice, and that he expected members of a tennis crowd to be more respectful of players, especially during big points.
“We’re not boxers or MMA fighters that we rip into each other’s throats before the fight,” he said. “It’s a very respected sport.”

I wish we lived in a world where a pro athlete has the right to threaten fans who heckle. It just makes the heckling all the more interesting and adds an extra layer of entertainment. I firmly stand with Bernard Tomic and his threat to teabag the heckler and I think it’s a travesty that he had to apologize…but I get it, I’m sure his sponsors don’t want to be associated with teabagging.

(h/t NYDN)