The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2019 From Budweiser To Pringles

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It’s that time of the year when I get to share with you the best Super Bowl commercials. These are the funniest Super Bowl commercials of 2019, the best that you can find. We’re still several days away from the Los Angeles Rams taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53 (Super Bowl LIII), but we’re already seeing a flood of 2019’s Best Super Bowl commercials hitting the web.

Brands are shelling out A TON of cash this year to run their commercials during Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. CBS is charging a whopping $5.25 MILLION for 30-second TV spots which breaks out to roughly $175,000-per-second. That’s only up slightly from last year’s price of $5.20 million. With over 100 million people worldwide set to tune in to watch this game, is it worth?

I guess that depends on whether or not the ad is good. Some are flops, some are viral hits. There are always brands that get their money’s worth and ones that would’ve been better off releasing a ‘Banned Super Bowl Ad’ on YouTube.

I prefer to watch all of the best Super Bowl commercials before Super Bowl Sunday. This way I can focus on watching the Big Game as well as eating and drinking until my body explodes. Trying to focus on the Super Bowl commercials during the actual football game is too much. We all need to be able to take breaks when the event lasts for hours on end.

This will be a nearly complete list of the Best 2019 Super Bowl but there will be a handful of commercials which won’t debut until the actual game. I will be regularly updating this list with the best Super Bowl commercials as more hit the web throughout the week. So be sure to check this list all week long as I add more and more of the funniest Super Bowl LIII commercials. If I missed any of the best 2019 Super Bowl commercials you can hit me up on Twitter at @casspa and let me know!

‘Wind Never Felt Better’ by Budweiser

Budweiser (and Bud Light) is synonymous with memorable Super Bowl commercials. This year’s ‘Wind Never Felt Better’ stars a dalmatian getting pulled along in the wind by the legendary Clydesdale horses to the tune of Bob Dylan. All the feels in this one.

‘More Than OK’ by Pepsi’

Is there a bigger name in Super Bowl commercials than Pepsi? I think not. They’ve been killing it since the days of Cindy Crawford and this year’s Super Bowl commercial includes ‘it girl’ Cardi B, Lil Jon, and Steve Carrell.

“Say the Word” by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is running ‘Say the Word’ during the 2019 Super Bowl to promote their all-new high tech A-Class with the concept of ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if the entire world listened to you as well as the A-Class?’ This ad stars Ludacris and Lassie, two names that might’ve been on your Super Bowl Ad Bingo Board (or maybe not). I’m a sucker for great advertising and I finished this commercial wanting the new A-Class so I’d definitely say it works.

Tastes Like Happy by [ yellow tail ]

This is the third year in a row that [ yellow tail ] is running a Super Bowl commercial and this year’s ad is part of a user generated content campaign. It’s two fan-produced segments which celebrate the joy of wine.

‘Grocery Pickup – Famous Cars’ by Walmart

If Walmart’s commercial plays at the right time during the game I can see this being a huge hit. They’ve gathered together some of the most famous cars in TV and movie history and this will end up being pretty memorable with the right placement.

Mike ‘The Mic’ Milligan by Sonos

Sonos’ Super Bowl spot is a quick mockumentary of the quest for perfect football audio. It’s also paired with three contests that will help fans upgrade their TV set-ups. Fans have to tweet a picture of their current tv set-up with the hashtag #SonosByKickoff and their city hashtag (#NYC, etc) before February 3rd.

Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys for Doritos

Doritos is another brand that always goes BIG around the Super Bowl because I assume people eat more Doritos on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. They’ve got Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys in this year’s Super Bowl ad and BSB are hot right now, recently dropping an album.

Mr. Peanut Is Always There In Crunch Time

Planters is definitely going to pick up a ton of attention and mentions from their Super Bowl ad that has a brief appearance from Charlie Sheen.

‘Expensify This’ with 2 Chainz and Adam Scott

Raise your hand if you expected to see 2 Chainz and Adam Scott in the same Super Bowl commercial together? This crossover works but I’m also not entirely sure that people who aren’t already using Expensify are going to see this and suddenly think ‘shit, that’s exactly what I need in my business life!’ Still, I bet this gets plenty of people talking.

Sad Device by Pringles

Pringles is sneaky good at producing commercials and I kind of love this one that pokes fun at the myriad of connected ‘smart’ devices in our homes.

Change up the Usual by Stella Artois

It’s almost as if someone said ‘we should grab any two celebrities and make them play their iconic characters’ without really thinking through that people would be royally pissed off after the brand teased the prospect of a Big Lebowski sequel in front of their eyes.

‘Frozen Food Porn’ from Devour by Kraft Heinz

‘Food Porn’ is making its Super Bowl debut and I can already see people losing their damn minds over the word ‘porn’ somehow being attached to the Super Bowl even though it’s a completely ubiquitous term these days. Devour’s a Kraft Heinz brand and this year they’ll be pushing their ‘Frozen Food Porn’.

‘Killer Skin’ by Olay

Olay went with a Horror film-style trailer for their Super Bowl LIII ad this year and I actually think it works. I wouldn’t normally find myself paying attention to a commercial from Olay but this one definitely caught my eye.

‘Toni’ by Toyota

Toyota’s going for a full minute with their ‘Toni’ commercial for the RAV4 Hybrid. it centers around Antoinette “Toni” Harris and has Jim Nantz narrating it like a highlight reel that you’d expect to see before The Masters. Honestly, I think this one’s great. It could’ve easily missed the mark but Toyota somehow made this work masterfully.

‘Bad Passengers’ by M&Ms

M&M’s Chocolate Bar enlisted the star power of Christina Applegate for their 2019 Super Bowl commercial. I saw this one on the TODAY Show this morning and it’s already getting a ton of buzz so I think it’s safe to say they’re getting a good return on their investment. Is it spectacular? Meh.

‘Can I have a bublé?’ by Bubly

Can you imagine a better spokesman for a brand named Bubly than Michael Bublé? It’s the perfect name combination and someone somewhere made the connection to bring Michael onto the screen for this year’s Super Bowl.

Amazon’s ‘Not Everything Makes The Cut’

Harrison Ford is starring alongside Forest Whitaker in Amazon’s ‘Not Everything Makes The Cut’ Super Bowl commercial that’s pushing their Alexa technology.

‘Top Dog’ by Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico has been a Super Bowl staple when it comes to commercials. 80% of all the avocados eaten in America (think guacamole) come from Mexico and this brand’s morphed into a household name over the past few years. Their Super Bowl commercial this year is a play on a dog show.

‘The Close Talker’ from Colgate

Colgate’s enlisted actor Luke Wilson to star in their 2019 Super Bowl commercial about close talkers with awful breath. We all know someone like this and it’s easy to drive the point home. I’m not entirely sure this is the best casting in the world but it still works.

‘The Pitch’ by Bon & VIV Spiked Seltzer

Spiked seltzer is all the rage right now and Bon & VIV hope to cash in on this trend with a quirky Super Bowl LIII commercial titled ‘The Pitch’.

‘In Her Court’ Anthem by Bumble

I don’t recall seeing Bumble in the lineup of Super Bowl commercials before but my memory could be failing me here. This year’s Super Bowl TV spot from Bumble will star the G.O.A.T. herself, Serena Williams.

Preppin’ from Burger King

Burger King has released a series of short clips on their YouTube channel in the past few days. Three of them are 16-seconds long and then there’s this 30-second one we could very well see in the Super Bowl but I suspect we’ll see a longer commercial from them as well.

‘The Elevator’ by Hyundai

I’ll be honest, life feels weird when Jason Bateman isn’t on our TV sets for periods longer than a few months. It’s been a while since I finished the most recent season of Ozark so it’s nice to see that Jasons still around getting paid absurd amounts of money to play the same character on camera.

‘The Great Unknowns – What If?’ by Kia

Kia decided to go with the ‘we’re not paying a celebrity lots of money’ angle despite releasing a Super Bowl ad that cost nearly five million dollars for 30-seconds. Do they want us to believe they didn’t pay out the wazoo for their 2019 Super Bowl ad, is that what they’re going for here?

‘The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here’ by Verizon

Verizon’s here to tug at our heartstrings with ‘The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here’. It’s a commercial full of stories from survivors and first responders.

Did we miss any of the best Super Bowl Commercials of 2019? Let me know by sending them to me on Twitter HERE at @casspa!

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