Pour One Out For This Bettor Who Lost $3.8 Million On Super Bowl Bets

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If there was ever an instance where the saying ‘Pride comes before the fall’ has been exemplified, it’s in the case of Bettor X.

The unnamed bettor became somewhat of a living legend for his daring, yet successful bets spanning from the 2017 World Series through Super Bowl LII  Bettor X won $10 million in the Fall Classic between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, according to ESPN, and then threw down between $8 million and $10 million on the Eagles to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Bettor X was evidently feeling himself when he wagered at least $3.8 million on three different bets for the Rams to beat the Patriots on the money line in Super Bowl LIII.

On the Thursday leading up to the Super Bowl, Bettor X dropped a $2 million money-line bet on the Rams at MGM in Vegas. He followed that bet up on Friday, wagering $1.5 million on the Rams money-line before risking another $300,000 on the Rams money line at South Point hours later. All three bets were made at +120 odds

At kickoff, Bettor X had at least $3.8 million at stake on the Rams to win $4.56 million, ESPN reports.

But Bettor X wasn’t the only one to get boned by the 13-3 outcome. Three of the four biggest reported wagers were on the Rams, although one lucky sonovabitch bet for “just over” $1 million on the Patriots -2.5 at MGM.

Something tells me that if you have nearly $4 million to risk on a single game, you’re living pretty comfortably. Don’t cry for Bettor X, my friends.

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