Big Ten’s Plan To Start Football Season Thanksgiving Week Reportedly ‘A Very Long Shot’

big ten football thanksgiving

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It’s been a wild few weeks for the Big Ten, to say the least. After officially canceling football and other fall sports on August 11, the conference has received extreme pushback from student-athletes within the conference, coaches, and many parents of athletes.

Late last week it was then reported that the conference was in discussions about possibly starting football season during Thanksgiving week instead of pushing football into the new year. That report came just one day after eight Nebraska football players filed a lawsuit against the conference seeking reversals of its decision to postpone the fall sports season.

According to Dan Patrick and his source, however, the actuality of the Big Ten starting football season Thanksgiving week is a long shot and just an attempt to save face. The source Patrick cited during his show on Monday morning was the same that told him that the Big Ten and PAC-12 were canceling football this fall prior to their official announcements.

“Was told that the Big Ten Thanksgiving start is a very long shot,” Patrick read on air. “More support for late January and an eight-game schedule. A number of players will opt out and 2021 fall season will be adjusted with the amount of padded practices and contact. The Big Ten is trying to save face but they missed their window in the fall. Going now only complicates everything.”

The late-January start that Patrick discussed in the segment has also been reported on over the past handful of days suggesting the conference is looking to play an eight-game schedule in indoor stadiums.

Another interesting note from Patrick’s source is that the conference may already be looking at altering 2021 fall practices, which are, obviously, a year away.

The SEC, Big 12, and ACC continue to move forward with their planned football schedules this fall. The first FBS college football games are scheduled to start on Thursday, Sepember 3.