Biggest Pot In TV Poker History: $1.978 Million In Cash Won On A Single Hand

biggest poker pot in TV poker history

PokerGo / Antonio Abrego

The biggest poker pot in the history of TV poker just took place. This record-breaking pot saw chips worth $1,978,000 go in the middle during a PokerGo ‘Cash of the Titans’ stream, a high-stakes cash game.

For the uninitiated, the difference between this poker hand and what you’d normally see on TV with huge stacks of chips in the pot is simple: this is a cash game. Each chip represents the dollar amount that the player bought into the cash game for.

That basically means one of the players lost nearly a million dollars of their own money on this hand while the other player became nearly a million dollars richer. This hand is between Patrik Antonius and Eric Persson, two big names in poker.

Biggest Pot In TV Poker History: $1.978 Million In Cash

The ‘No Gamble, No Future: Cash of the Titans’ stream from PokerGo brought together some of poker’s biggest hitters. They were playing $1,000/$2,000 blinds with a $2,000 ante.

Patrik Antonius has nearly $14 million in live poker earnings throughout his career. He has been a fixture around the professional poker scene for a long time and is the greatest Finnish poker player of all time (based on earnings).

Eric Persson, the guy who lost the biggest hand in poker TV history, is known as a cash game shark but is relatively new to TV poker. He burst onto the scene last year when he berated Phil Hellmuth at the table and got into Phil’s mind during a heads-up match.

Persson is a seasoned poker player and owner of Maverick Gaming which owns over 20 casinos and card rooms in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a fixture on poker streams since that battle with Hellmuth. In this hand, he lost $290,000 against Alan Keating:

That $290,000 loss came just hours after Eric Persson had lost $500,000 in a single hand:

Eric Persson might not be a household name in poker yet. He lacks a huge tournament win on TV that gets home game players talking.

But he did make history as the loser of the biggest poker pot in TV poker history. So he’s at least entered the poker record books for something, right?