Bill Belichick Reportedly A Little Horned Up After Checking Out Chrissy Teigen’s Butt

Remember how over the weekend Patriots coach Bill Belichick was busted checking out Chrissy Teigen’s ass at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Well, according to very reliable sources (Page Six), The Hoodie was a little revved up at the festivities later in the evening.

Commence Nightmare Fuel… NOW!

Later at Vanity Fair/Bloomberg’s starry bash, guests noted the Patriots coach was “all over” his own girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

“He was getting really grabby,” said a spy at the party, where guests included Teigen and fellow models Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Hannah Davis, Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk.

Hard to say that I blame the guy. You’ve got Chrissy Teigen on hand along with a bevy of other smoking hot models. His girlfriend Linda Holliday isn’t anything to sneeze at either, so why not go to town? You’re a goddamn four-time Super Bowl champion, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

One thing’s for sure, Gronk must be very proud of his coach right about now.