Bill Belichick Gives Hilarious Answer When Asked If Patriots Will Be Sellers At The NFL Trade Deadline

Bill Belichick nfl trade deadline

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The Patriots are 2-4 on the season as they head into a tough matchup against the Bills on Sunday. Given their struggles so far this season, many are curious as to whether or not New England could be sellers at the November 3 NFL Trade Deadline. ‘Patriots’ and ‘sellers’ are two words that haven’t been mentioned in the same sentence in quite some time, but that the reality at the moment.

This weekend’s game at Buffalo could really be the deciding factor as to what New England elects to do on the trade market.

On Thursday, head coach Bill Belichick was asked by a reporter about the scenario in which the Pats lose to the Bills and whether or not that makes them automatic sellers at the deadline. Props to the report for asking the question, but they had to have known Belichick wasn’t about to play those games; he gave a phenomenal response to the question.

“Yeah, well, I guess I’ll just put it nicely and pass on the opportunity to get involved in talk radio,” Belichick said. “That’s really a tough one for me to say no to. But I’m going to say no to talk-radio questions. Thanks for asking, though. I appreciate the opportunity to get involved.”

This is where I write ‘never change, Bill, never change’ but we already know that he’s never going to.

The biggest name rumored to be on the trading block for New England is cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who listed his Foxboro home on the market earlier this week with an offer deadline of November 3.