Couple Uses Cranky Bill Belichick Photo On Save The Dates Because Marriage Is A Joyless, Soul-Sucking Experience


A Connecticut couple with very realistic expectations for marriage slapped Bill Belichick on their Save the Date cards. At first blush this may seem like an odd choice but once you think about it, the connection makes total sense.

After all, marriage is nothing if not an endless slog of conversations you’d rather not be having, deception and putting no effort into getting dressed.

No one exemplifies those things better than the New England Patriots coach.

The irony here is that Jessica and Scott — presumably big football fans themselves — are getting married during football season. That, as we all know, is a total no-no.

I bet more than a few invited guests did a face similar to Mr. Hoodie when they realized how much pigskin they’d have to miss in order to watch these two tie the knot.