Bill Belichick Somehow Doesn’t Think Tom Brady Is The Best Player He’s Ever Coached

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Bill Belichick disses tom brady

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In 2000, the New England Patriots got some complimentary draft picks after losing four players to free agency, and when they found themselves on the clock in the sixth round, they decided to pick some scrawny kid from the University of Michigan with the 199th overall selection.

It turned out to be a pretty good call.

Over the course of his 19 seasons with the team, Tom Brady has led the Patriots to the Super Bowl on nine different occasions and will look to add a sixth ring to his collection when New England faces off against the Rams on Sunday.

During his time in the NFL, Brady has shattered more records than the White Sox did at Disco Demolition Night and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as he continues to add to his almost unparalleled legacy.

At this point, even Brady’s biggest haters have been forced to acknowledge he’s the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL but there’s at least one football expert who’s still a little skeptical: Bill Belichick.

According to Yahoo Sports, Belichick took part in his favorite pastime when he took questions from the press on Tuesday and had an incredibly Belichickian answer when someone asked where he’d rank Brady among the best quarterbacks of all time:

“He’s a great quarterback,” Belichick said, via Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “I’d put him up there against anybody. It’s not really my job to rank them.”

Belichick added, per Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, “Certainly his record is unmatched. I’m glad he’s my quarterback.”

However, Belichick was more than happy to rank players on Monday when he fielded a question about freak of nature Aaron Donald and took Brady down a peg in the process:

“Aaron Donald’s a great football player, but I wouldn’t put anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence did it all for 13 years. He dominated. . . . Taylor’s the best player I’ve ever seen, certainly the best one I’ve ever coached.”

Never change, Bill. Never change.

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