Bill Burr With A Scathingly Hilarious Reminder That Only Losers Watch The NFL Draft

One of the funniest bits stand-up comedy legend Bill Burr has ever done was last year when he talked about people who watch the NFL Draft and how silly it all is.

Every single thing he says about watching the NFL Draft is 100% true.

“What kind of a fuckin’ loser just sits there watching round after round…” asks Burr.

“That’s like going to a graduation ceremony where you don’t know anybody who’s graduating and just fucking sitting there … They’re gonna have the whole list the next day. They’ll have everybody who drafted who, when … fuckin’ gotta sit there and watch that shit?”

And yet, tonight, how many of us will still be watching? Football, man. It’s just like a drug and we need it in any, however small, form we can get it.

We are all the NFL’s good little sheep.