Renowned Crazy Person Bill Romanowski Has A Rather VIOLENT Take On How To Stop Cam Newton

To put it mildly, Bill Romanowski had a reputation for being an unapologetic dick on the football field. A very consistent one.

Just ask J.J. stokes about the flying loogie that landed on his face. Or Tony Gonzalez’s head. Or Kerry Collins’ jaw that broke in two places during a fucking preseason game!

The guy was a psycho, and seemingly a very proud one. So who better to ask about stopping Cam Newton than the guy who pulled out all the stops in the name of killing winning?

He’s kidding, right? RIGHT?

There’s a decent amount of back and forth in the exchange, so here’s the meat of the quote:

“I’d hit him as hard as I possibly could and probably at the bottom at the pile, I’d try to get him by the neck, and choke him … hopefully he can’t breathe, for a long time.”

I’m not sure what’s scarier: Bill Romanowski saying this with a straight face or saying it with a smile, like he did here.

The devilish smile just screams “ya know, I would actually do this and really enjoy it.”

[H/T @BleacherReport]

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