Bill Simmons Looked Like He Was Ready To Cry After Celtics Lost Game 7 To The Heat

Bill Simmons on the sidelines


The Miami Heat are advancing to the NBA finals and Bill Simmons is very sad.

On Monday night, the Celtics were unable to make history and become the first team in NBA history to come back from an 0-3 when they got blown out by the Heat at home in game 7.

Unfortunately, for Simmons he was caught by the TNT’s cameras looking distraught in the crowd as his team was getting beat down.

Simmons immediately jumped on his podcast to talk about his emotions after the game.

“There were 2004 Red Sox vibes and Tatum twists his ankle in the first play and the game seemed like it turned to sh– immediately.”

Simmons went on to give Miami Heat team credit for bouncing back after losing a heartbreaking game 6.

“God, that Miami team was tough, they beat us three times in Boston”

“Miami, so much credit, so much kudos so impressed by them to lose three in a row, to lose the Derrick White game, that I think would have broken just about anyone.”

Fans had jokes about sad Bill Simmons after the Celtics’ brutal loss on Monday night.

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