Bill Walton Awesomely Explains Why Basketball Will Always Be Better Than Football And Baseball

Back in college in the mid ’00s, when Bill Walton was the color commenter on ESPN hoops games, my roommate and I would geek out at some of the ridiculous things Bill Walton would say. The NBA great brought an awesome personality to the broadcasts, dabbling in the exact type of hyperbole you’d expect from a lifelong Deadhead: “It’s Tim Duncan driving that train like Casey Jones in the paint.” “A real sunshine daydream of a play by the rookie out of Ohio State.” “The Trailblazer’s defense is making a statement tonight, saying ‘Bertha don’t you come around here anymore’ to the Kings.” Having him on big national broadcasts was good laughs for jam band-loving stoners like us.

Bill Walton is writing about why basketball is better than football and baseball these days. His quote is absolutely perfect. Never change, Bill. Via Uproxx:


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