Bill Walton Gives Out John Wooden’s Phone Number During Broadcast: ‘He’s Been Dead Nine Years, He’s Not Going To Answer It’

bill walton john wooden phone number

Getty Image / Mitchell Layton

You never know what the hell is going to come out of Bill Walton’s mouth, which is really what makes him so great. Sure, he knows the game of basketball better than most people walking the planet, but his stories and just bizarre, out of absolutely nowhere comments and stories is what makes him elite when it comes to broadcasting.

Walton was on the broadcast for the UCLA – Notre Dame game on Saturday and decided to casually give out John Wooden’s phone number on air. Yes, Wooden has been dead since 2010 so it’s certainly no bother to him, which Wooden was quick to point out, but it’s still quite the strange thing to do live on air.

What’s so telling about this clip is that it’s not even remotely surprising, which is a testament to just how whacky Walton truly is.

You also have to love the brief little story he gives about the time he gave out Wooden’s phone number to 25,000 people in the Staples Center.

Walton is a legend, plain and simple.

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