BKFC Fighter/Model Charisa Sigala’s Revealing Outfit Goes Viral At Knucklemania 3 Weigh-Ins

Charisa Sigala wegih in


BKFC fighter/ model Charia Sigala made waves at the Knucklemania 3 weigh-ins.

On Friday night, Sigala is set to fight Jayme Hinshaw in a bare-knuckle boxing match under the BKFC promotion.

During an interview with MyMMANews’ Dylan Bowker, Sigala said she’s ready to get into a barnburner with Hinshaw to entertain the Alburque crowd and those watching at home.

Via MyMMANews.com

“I feel like the types of fighter that you have in her and in myself, it could be another one of those barnburners that I tend to always be in. Because that’s just the type of fighter I am. I’m one of them that don’t care about getting dirty. When I had seen her, I figured that she knows this is going to be a different ball game.

When I fought Taylor (Starling) at KnuckleMania, we stole the show and we weren’t the only females. I think this time around, I thought there was going to be another girls matchup on the card.”

Sigala continued, “Right now, we’re the only females. Females tend to steal the show regardless. A lot of people love to watch us fight because of the types of fights that we bring. It’s always a little bit dirtier. A lot more bloody than most of the guys for the most part.”

During the pre-fight weigh-ins on Thursday Sigala delivered on her promise of entertaining the crowd with a stunning outfit that went viral on social media.

To watch Sigala fight on Friday night, here’s how you can stream BKFC’s Knucklemania 3.

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