Jacked Blonde Chick Enters Powerlifting Competition, Unexpectedly Drenches The Crowd Watching Her

The ‘Rum9’ or Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships took place about a week ago and as videos from the event began to make their way to the Internet people started noticing that one video was not like the others. Powerlifter ‘blondbeautybri‘ as she’s known on Instagram managed to get the bar and weights into the air before she began squirting all over the judges. Thankfully someone had the camera rolling and captured this incredible moment on camera, a clip that’s already began to go insanely viral (like mainstream Tosh.O viral) because it’s so laughably unbelievable.

My advice to you while watching this is really focus in on her head, that’s where the reaction is most pronounced…Also, she gets an A++ for that unique build up to the lift:

And because this is the Internet and we prefer looping GIFs to Instagram videos here’s a glorious GIF of the incident that’s been making the rounds via Imgur. Side not, the Imgur GIF is actually where I first saw this clip and it’s taken me days to actually track down that amazing video:


Scrolling through the #rum9 hashtag on Instagram it appears as if ‘blondebeautybri‘ is the only girl in the competition to get sick on the mats. I’m thinking she deserves extra praise for not pissing herself while vomiting, and for handling it like a champ and laughing about it on the ‘gram: