Blue Jays Pitcher That Gave Up Controversial HR To Aaron Judge Admits His Major Mistake

Aaron Judge after hitting a HR against the Blue Jays

Getty Image / Cole Burston

Aaron Judge was all over the news recently after some announcers noticed some odd behavior during an at bat against the Toronto Blue Jays.

He kept looking over to his right and cheating allegations began pouring in.

For a quick reminder, here is the homerun in question.

After a few days have passed, it turns out the Blue Jays pitcher made an admission about a major mistake he made after Aaron Judge hit a home run.

According to The Athletic, Jay Jackson, the Blue Jays pitcher that gave up the controversial home run, has a tell. Apparently, Judge and the New York Yankees found out about it.

“Before Jackson came to a set position, he brought his hands up near his ear as he gripped the ball. The grip, indicating which type of pitch he was about to throw, was visible to Yankees first base coach Travis Chapman, according to multiple Jays sources.”

Here’s Jackson’s full statement he made in a telephone call on Tuesday night, per The Athletic.

“From what I was told, I was kind of tipping the pitch. It was (less) my grip when I was coming behind my ear. It was the time it was taking me from my set position, from my glove coming from my head to my hip. On fastballs, I was kind of doing it quicker than on sliders. They were kind of picking up on it.”

Thanks to this admission, it should clear Judge and the Yankees of any wrongdoing.

Additionally, The Athletic reports that Toronto sent Jay Jackson to Triple-A after the game.

With that said, maybe the Blue Jays will be a bit more careful next time they face Aaron Judge at the plate.