Boat Aptly Named The ‘Hemingway’ Catches 1,104 Pound Blue Marlin, Fish So Massive It Could Swallow You Whole

The 7th ‘grander’ of 2015 was caught last weekend by Captain Zezito Tavares aboard the vessel Hemingway while fishing out of the Cape Verdes Islands off the Western coast of Africa, the gigantic Atlantic Blue Marlin tipped the scales at 1,104 pounds. As these large blue marlin follow the warm water currents throughout the world with the changing seasons the Cape Verdes Islands have been absolutely going off the past few weeks, with reports of fish weighing 500-pounds or more being caught almost every day. Here’s the gigantic 1,104 pound blue marlin caught by the Hemingway fishing crew yesterday:

That fish weighs as much as 12 Bernese Mountain Dogs. That 1,104 pound blue marlin has a mouth big enough to swallow a human whole, and likely feeds on 100+ pound tuna on the regular. This is the very definition of an apex predator, and it’s a rare sight to behold such a magnificent catch.

As gigantic as this fish it’s somehow only the 2nd largest blue marlin caught this month out of the Cape Verdes Islands, as these bros managed to land a 1,254-pound fish on 4th of July weekend, a fish that was the 9th largest Atlantic Blue Marlin in recorded history. And even with those two monstrous blue marlin caught, neither of those somehow rank as the top fishing achievement in the month of July.

The Billfish Report has news that just this month Capt. Ronnie Fields and Gray Ingram, the crew of the Big Oh out of Hawaii, have surpassed 1,000 lifetime blue marlin. Meaning that the pair have caught over 1,000 blue marlin aboard the Big Oh fishing charter over the past 8-years, a feat that most fisherman never even come close to accomplishing. Most anglers are lucky to catch ONE blue marlin in their lives, and the though of catching over 1,000 is almost unfathomable. Yet this fishing crew managed to complete this goal in just 8 years. To learn more about Big Oh Sportfishing or to book a charter with them you can find them HERE on Facebook.