Bob Knight Spent Most Of The SMU-Temple Broadcast Hilariously Yelling At Fans To Sit Down


Noted anger enthusiast Bob Knight had his patience tested last night while trying to call the SMU-Temple game. Mustangs fans with great seats had the audacity to stand up and cheer on their team. This show of support blocked the ESPN’s broadcast team from seeing the action on one side of the court. This, obviously, is no small problem. It’s hard to comment on a game you’re not really watching.

Knight dealt with the frustration in his usual way: he yelled. Then he yelled some more.

Eventually the problem was rectified without any physical violence — always a good thing when Knight’s involved.

The situation would have been a lot worse, of course, had these fans wandered onto his lawn.

We’re talking a Gran Torino situation at best.

[H/T: Larry Brown Sports]