This Body Builder Known As ‘The Nightmare’ Went From Being A Skinny Twerp To Maybe The Largest Man Alive

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Martyn Ford is an absolute specimen. The 6’8”, 325-pound British actor/body builder/mountain of muscle is simply a man amongst boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if a man who earned the nickname ‘The Nightmare’ didn’t eat babies for breakfast and wash it down with motor oil.

But he pop out of his mother’s womb with muscles in his neck and a tattoo plastered on his face. Far from it. He went through an adolescence of being that skinny runner kid you’d probably gun for in a brawl.

Ford spoke to LADbible about how his dreams of being a professional cricketer were shattered by an injury when he was 18 and how he went balls deep into running–so much so that his body fat plummeted to a dangerous 4%. He then educated himself on fitness and began hitting the weights. Hard.

I never really had a goal as such, I just wanted to be bigger. 12 years on I seem to be that for sure, but there’s still more to achieve with my physique. The initial transformation I would say took two to three years. You were definitely looking at two different people then for sure.


We have all been there, no one accidentally grows muscle! However it often seems impossible to get good advice on how they did it! After been in that place, so desperate to grow and feel better about myself, I know how frustrating it can be. So here are a few notes to help you on your journey. Most common mistakes people make when trying to grow are: •under eating •overtraining •poor exercise form •not training the muscles hard enough •poor training structure Ok I'm going to focus on over training here! The biggest mistakes new comers or those who are desperate to grow is they simple do to much volume and not enough intensity/quality. There is a simple physiological fact when it comes to building muscle. If a muscle is to grow in strength and size it must first fully recover from the last exercise session using that/those body parts. The average person usually takes between 24-48 hours for there muscle to recover. It is during this time that the muscle feeds, repairs and grows. It is common for a new comer to recover faster than intermediate or advanced individuals. This is why a 3 day alternate day split is ideal for new starters. Recovery time (est) •beg 48 hrs •int 72 hrs •adv 96 hrs This is mainly due to how intense an advanced athlete can push there body, needing longer recovery time. So with all this in mind be sure to eat, train and rest properly for optimal and faster gains! Train smarter not harder! Hope this makes sense and sinks in, if helps just one person feel better about themselves in weeks to come it was worth the thumb act writing this has caused me! Lol #help #guidance #support #family #betabodz #martynford

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A key component in making consistent progression in training is to have a plan: The best way to create this plan is to break training into sections. As my plan is muscle gain over the next 12 months I will switch from hypertrophy to strength on a rotational basis of 4-6 wks depending on how my gains are going at any given time. I switch up my exercises, my sets/reps rest and recovery and my training split. Just to keep the body working and guessing. Pushing yourself is key to progression. It's vital that you make sure your consuming plenty of food during these phases. I also rely of BCAA, Glutamine, (alldayyoumay) is a combination of these two ingredients. A good strength multivitamin and mineral, essential fats from oils. #planning #martynford #gains #strength #focus @5percentnutrition #5percentnutrition

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So you may be wondering how to turn those string bean arms into lethal weapons. Ford says the key is educating yourself. And eating 7,000 cals per day.

The best advice I could give to young lads is to research! There are so many kids who jump into training and just presume by moving weights and working hard that results will automatically come. Knowledge is an amazing tool, and with so much out there don’t be a fool. Give yourself every opportunity to be a success and also be safe.


At 6'8 I understand fully the advantages and disadvantages of height! This is on request of @v_5trong and aimed for us guys over 6'4! Many won't understand how frustrating and even dangerous the gym can be to us! Using fixed machines and even some free weight movements can prove very dangerous and awkward when you can't fit in them correctly. Trying to squeeze in and adapt your movement to be able to use a machine when your too large not only makes a movement harder due to the increased distance the load has to travel but also increases the risk of injury. Taller guys have longer levers, which makes motor skills and proprioception much more difficult to learn and execute, so keep this in mind when performing big compound movements with heavy weight! Don't feel you have to lift all the weights in the gym, or always go to full depth if It is uncomfortable! Train to your comfort level and stay safe! If you find your struggling with ROM be sure to focus on stretching routines which target these muscles. Ego Vs Reality Just because you weigh more, look stronger and are taller than most, doesn't mean you will be! The reality is you most likely won't be, due to how far you have to move the load for each contraction. Train to your own strengths! Don't feel you have to impress anyone with the amount of weight you shift! Correct form and safe form is essential to success! One very important part of training tall guys should be doing is core and flexibility training! It's vital that these are performed on a regular basis to reduce risk of injuries, improve your ROM and overall strength. Try to use mainly free weights in your resistance routines so you can use correct form and not be restricted with machines that are to small for you. Be aware that isolation exercises are great but also very stressful on joints so don't try to go to heavy on these movements! You'll be better off training clever! Lighter weight, slower contraction speed will be just as intense and less stressful on joints ! With this been said you still need structure and planning to your routine, just be sure to plan around your strengths and weaknesses #height #training #gymlife

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Ford’s mammoth size and charisma has landed him a role in a film called Undisputed 4, which he will play the role of ‘The Nightmare.’ Duh.

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