Pictures Of Boston University ‘Wearing’ Masks During Basketball Game Against Holy Cross Are Absurd

boston university basketball masks vs holy cross


Boston University has mandated that all of its athletic opponents wear masks during games on their campus this season, which includes during basketball games. The Terriers tipped off their season on Monday on the road at Holy Cross but still chose to have its players wear masks during the game.

Just to be completely clear here, Boston University is forcing its athletes to wear masks during the close and high-contact sport of basketball if they want to take the court. We’re not talking about wearing masks while sitting on the bench, we’re talking about wearing masks while running up and down the floor.

The year 2021 is off to a hot start for BU.

Maybe the wildest part of this entire situation is that the two teams will play at Boston on Tuesday where they both will be forced to wear masks making it the first known college game with both teams wearing a piece of cloth over their faces. The Patriot League canceled all nonconference games this season, so these two teams are actually scheduled to play each other six times this year.

As you might imagine, the athletes themselves don’t seem to be too thrilled with having to wear masks while on the floor. Some of the players are simply wearing the mask around their ears while others are just covering their mouth. The pictures fall somewhere between sad and somewhat scary, but they’re absolutely absurd no matter which way you look at it.

How many times are they wiping down the ball during the game? Are Boston players told not to touch or defend the Holy Cross players since they’re not wearing masks? If they do have to get close to the opposition, did coaches tell them to hold their breath for extra protection?

We’re talking masketball, people!

Boston appears to be the first program to adopt these mandates, but I doubt it’ll be the last, unfortunately.

UPDATE: Boston went on to win the game 83-76, so maybe the masks didn’t affect them all that much.