Brandon Phillips Is Still Playing Baseball And Bat-Flipped With No Regard For Human Life

Brandon Phillips Lexington Legends Bat Flip

Lexington Legends

  • Brandon Phillips may be 40 years old but he isn’t done bat-flipping.
  • He is currently a player-owner for an Atlantic League club and unleashed a ruthless grand slam celebration.
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Remember Brandon Phillips? He was a three-time MLB All-Star and won four Gold Glove Awards with the Cincinnati Reds.

Well, he’s now playing independent league baseball at 40 years old and continues to hit dingers.

Phillips, who last played on a big league team in 2018, is now a co-owner of the Lexington Legends of the Atlantic League. He also suits up for his team and simply does not care about your feelings.

The career .275 hitter absolutely demolished a grand slam on Sunday night and bat-flipped with no regard for human life.

The fact that the Legends are already leading 18-12 in the bottom of the 8th makes this even better. Phillips stepped up to the plate with the bases juiced and put the game out of reach.

He knew it the second that he made contact. He starts by marching like he’s in a parade, swinging his arms and twirling his bat like a baton.

It took Phillips four seconds to get out of the box and he was a third of the way down the first baseline when he flung his bat to the side.

Remember, this is the CO-OWNER that is doing this. And it’s not the first time that he has done it. Look at this one back in May.

And then, of course, there is this one from his minor league stint with the Red Sox. It’s downright disrespectful and it’s glorious.

Clearly, Phillips has never been shy about celebrating, but his legend (no pun intended) goes beyond his bat flips.

Phillips only recently started traveling to away games. For awhile, while playing for the Legends, he only played home games.

Opposing fans are the better for his decision because now they can enjoy his bat flips in all their glory.

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