WWE Star Braun Strowman Forced To Explain Syringe On Countertop In Photo Posted To Instagram Giving ‘Ab Update’

Braun Strowman syringe instagram

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Braun Strowman loves giving updates on his body to his Instagram.

Hell, I’d do the same damn thing if I were a 6′ 8″ wrestler with insane strength who somehow managed to chisel his body down to 349 with a six-pack.

But a recent Instagram story shared by Strowman has people speculating about the way the former WWE Champion got those abs.

Strowman posted a mirror photo noting that it was an “ab update.” In the photo, a syringe can be seen on the sink counter.

Strowman took down the photo and addressed the syringe in a follow-up story.

“For everyone trying to make a big deal about the last post I did and delete. I take b12 shots everyday because my body is super sensitive to caffeine and I can only use so much without feeling like I’m having heart palpitations.”

The syringe in question is apparently a B-12 shot that Strowman takes daily.

To show proof, Strowman posted a photo of a B-12 shot being administered, adding “That time of the week again!!!! @vita_lounge keeping me running on the top end. I get the vitaAthlete with extra vit c glutathione and an anti inflammatory.”

I love caffeine as much as the next person but not sure I need a needle a day just to have a cup of coffee.

For those fans upset about missing the ab update before the photo was taken down, here’s an ab shot from last week that will satisfy your needs.

[via Daily Wrestling News]


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