Brian Kelly Actually Lands A Funny Joke During Press Conference After Months Of Being The Punchline

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The start to Brian Kelly’s tenure in Baton Rouge has been anything but smooth or unblemished. Since the 60-year-old took over as the head football coach at LSU, he has been the butt of quite a few jokes— and deservedly so.

It all started when Kelly broke out a fake southern accent in his first public appearance with the Tigers. Then his staff at Notre Dame dissed him by staying in South Bend.

Since then, he has gone viral for grinding on a recruit that committed to Alabama, he tried to hit The Griddy and it didn’t turn out well, and he may have exposed his own burner account, among countless other things. It has been very easy to laugh at Kelly, but he actually made it easy to laugh with him on Thursday.

While he was speaking about recruiting, Kelly said that he plans to have recruits over to his new house in Louisiana this weekend. And then he invited the media over to join them, before quickly revoking that privilege and cracking a smile.

The dry humor actually landed and Kelly’s joke got a laugh from everybody in attendance. Take a look and listen:

Now, this isn’t to say that Kelly is going to be an overly likable coach during his time with the Tigers. But for all of the jokes at his expense, he deserves credit where credit is due.