When You’re A 6’8” Strongman Traveling Can Be A Real Pain—Watch Brian Shaw Try And Fit On A Plane

Brian Shaw is a ‘Strongman’ competitor who in 2011 and 2013 was named the ‘World’s Strongest Man’. He’s 6-foot-8-inches tall and has squatted 800-pounds, bench pressed 525-pounds, and deadlifted 880-pounds, so we’re talking about a pretty massive dude here. If, like me, you are not 6’8” then you’ve probably never experienced just how hellacious the U.S. Aviation industry can be. When you’re as big as Brian there are just some things you can’t do, like stand up straight inside an airplane, or sit next to someone on the plane because the seats are laughably small.

In a video from last week Brian’s traveling companion (trainer?) took video of Brian as he tried to navigate the airport, from security to getting on the plane. And if you have any sort of claustrophobic issues this traveling experience is going to give you heart palpitations. Watching one of our nation’s biggest dudes try and navigate an airplane fit for the rest of us is actually painful.

Here he is last May deadlifting 981-pounds (this is NOT a man built for a commercial airline seat):

[via ShawStrength YouTube]