World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw Sets New Weightlifting World Records, Is A Total Freak Of Nature

Brian Shaw weightlifting world record


Brian Shaw is on fire right now. He just won his second Arnold Strongman Classic in three years, his third win of that event since 2011. And 24 hours after winning that competition he set a new Atlas Stone world record, picking up a 560-pound round stone and besting the previous world record by 5 pounds:

After Brian Shaw set the new Atlas Stone World record at 560-pounds he was asked about lifting 600, a feat that Brian seems somewhat confident is within his reach at some point.

As noted over on, it was virtually impossible to keep track of all the weightlifting world records which were broken this weekend. The video above features the following world records broken, according to the YouTube description:

Brian Shaw won Arnold Classic 2017, pulling 991 lbs !!
Kimberley Walford breaks world record with deadlift with 567lbs (257.5kg) pull in 72kg category !!
Pete rubbish repping 735lbs beltless !!
Jen Thompson bench pressing 314 lbs @132 lbs – World Record !!
Cedric McMillan and Arnold having fun !!
Hafthor pulling 438 kg (963lbs) !!
Eli Burk pulls 810 (368kg) – New World Record in 105kg category !!

Hafthor Bjornsson who plays ‘The Mountain’ on HBO’s Game of Thrones set two new world records in the sandbag and weight toss, only one is seen above. And not featured in this video was strongman Jerry Pritchett set a new elephant bar deadlifting world record….What a weekend for weightlifting world records!

(h/t Barbend)