ESPN’s Brian Windhorst On Why ‘Kyrie To The Lakers’ Deal Isn’t Dead Yet

Brian Windhorst Kyrie Irving

First Take

The biggest NBA news in recent days has been Kyrie Irving being traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks.

Many believed that Kyrie Irving would reunite with LeBron James, who sits on the cusp of history just 36 points away from breaking Kareem’s all-time NBA scoring record. So it came as quite a shock to the NBA world, LeBron James included, when the Nets moved Kyrie to Dallas.

ESPN’s NBA insider, Brian Windhorst, believes that a deal to send Kyrie to the Lakers isn’t dead yet. He went on First Take on Tuesday to explain how a deal that sends Kyrie to the Lakers is very much still on the table, albeit several months away.

Windhorst told Stephen A. Smith “the Kyrie story to the Lakers ain’t over.” Saying that the Los Angeles Lakers could sign Kyrie Irving this Summer.

He added that the Lakers “don’t have max cap space now” but noted that the Lakers have a lot of cap space if they just chooes to keep Russ for now and “then say goodbye in July.”

Brian Windhorst believes this a very real possibility for the Lakers.

Meanwhile, Windhorst points out that LeBron James “gave the Lakers a pass” with failing to bring Kyrie to the Lakers. LeBron is signaling that Los Angeles is “going to be fine.”

The way NBA insider Brian Windhorst sees it, the Lakers are now at a fork in the road. They could unload Russell Westbrook for players that may disrupt their cap space.

That path could potentially disrupt their ability to sign players in the Summer, players like Kyrie Irving.

The other path the Lakers can take is to ride out their current situation and make a splash in Summer free agency.

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