LeBron James Admits His Disappointment After Lakers Fail To Trade For Kyrie Irving

LeBron James on a tissue box

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

Kyrie Irving was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and it’s shaking things up in the Western Conference.

However, LeBron James continues to express his disappointment in the Los Angeles Lakers failure to get a deal done.

During a sit-down conversation with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, James admits shares how he feels about how everything transpired.

The Lakers superstar hasn’t been shy about his desire to have Irving as a teammate once again. Not only did he sit down and express his disappointment, but he tweeted his reaction to the trade almost immediately.

Despite showing his heart on his sleeve, it sounds like James is adjusting his mindset back to focus on the teammates he does have. Regardless, Lakers fans seem a bit annoyed by the whole thing.

Some fans are weirded out about LeBron James getting a sit-down interview for his reaction to a big trade.

The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner. We’ll see if the Lakers make a big move or not. Regardless, it’s evident that James isn’t too happy with how everything has played out.