Brian Windhorst Melts Down On ESPN After Learning About Paul George’s New Contract With OKC

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Earlier tonight, Paul George announced that he was returning to the OKC Thunder while attending a party at Russell Westbrook’s house.

We then later found out the details of George’s contract with the Thunder.

Paul George has agreed to a four-year, $137M max contract with the Thunder, league source tells ESPN. Deal includes a player option.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst learned of George’s contract while live on-air and immediately had a meltdown. Windhorst explained that George signing a three year contract is the worst option he had after choosing to leave Indiana last season.

Congratulations to the Thunder, Congratulations to Russell Westbrook. I am stunned, he walked away from $220 million in Indiana to join the Lakers and he didn’t even meet with them. The thing is if you’re going to take it a multi-year deal you would want to take a two year deal he could get to ten years service time and be eligible for a big raise. By taking a three year deal he’s basically giving the Thunder a big hug.

I’m not sure what Paul George and his agent were thinking but to leave 220 million in Indiana with every intention of going to L.A. and not even meeting with the Lakers is baffling.

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