Social Media Clowns Brittany Mahomes For Not Knowing Patrick’s Favorite Cheat Day Meal

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Patrick Mahomes is 27-years-old. He and his wife Brittany Mahomes have famously been together since high school. So we’re looking at somewhere around 10 years that the couple has been together.

With that in mind, one would have to assume that they know each other pretty darn well by now, right?


Last month, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes were filmed taking a GQ Couples Quiz where they ask each other questions to which they should probably know the answers. (Although, despite asking for an easy question to begin, Brittany tells Patrick no because she wants to “win.”)

She begins by asking Patrick who has the best poker face? Neither of them got that one right.

Then Patrick asked her what age he began playing football, to which she replied, “Seventh grade.”

“That’s not an age,” Patrick shot back, then when she began doing math in her head and saying out loud that “you’re 16 when you start high school,” Patrick quickly moved on to the next topic.

The one question that got the internet really going though was when Patrick asked Brittany, “What’s my favorite cheat day meal?”

“Friiied chicken,” Brittany responded with a very self-assured southern accent.

“Nnno,” Patrick replied.

“Chicken fried steak,” Brittany shoots back.

“No,” Patrick said again.

“And mashed potatoes,” she continued.

“Mexican food,” Patrick said shaking his head. “Especially the Tex-Mex.”

So, as anyone who is familiar with Brittany Mahomes’ relationship with the internet would expect…

…scads of people on social media were quick to pounce.

“It’s weird that your spouse doesn’t know your favorite cheat food. The math ain’t mathing,” read one comment.

“There’s NO way she’s been with this man ALLL these years and don’t know what his favorite meal is?!?!” someone else wrote on Instagram.

“How don’t you know what your man likes to eat?” another person asked.

“I don’t care that she said fried chicken, the funny part to me is that she was loud, confident and wrong,” read another comment that echoed many others.

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