Brittany Mahomes Is Getting Slammed For Saying ‘A Lot Of People Need To Apologize’ To The Chiefs

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Welp, you knew it was coming. Every NFL who doesn’t root for the Kansas City Chiefs was waiting for it. And here we are.

Brittany Mahomes tweeted on Tuesday, “I think a lot of people need to apologize for what they said about this team at the beginning of this season.”

After Travis Kelce inexplicably complained following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday that “not one of y’all said the Chiefs were gonna take it home this year,” we kind of thought that maybe that would be it. We could all move on from the NFL season and get a few months of peace and quiet out of the Mahomes’ “Tag Team of Insufferability.”

We should have known better. Not a single family of any other NFL player makes as much annoying noise as Patrick Mahomes’ family.

Somehow, everyone associated with the Kansas City Chiefs seems to think they were underdogs all year, that they had been disrespected.

Here is how much the Chiefs were disrespected and “given no chance” to win it all this year, at least according to Brittany Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who had been to three straight AFC Championship Games and two of the last three Super Bowls, were given 10 to 1 odds by sites like DraftKings to win the Super Bowl before the season had even began.

Throughout the 18 week NFL season, the Chiefs’ odds of winning it all went like this…

Week 1: 10 to 1
Week 2: 8 to 1
Week 3: 7 to 1
Week 4: 7.5 to 1
Week 5: 7 to 1
Week 6: 6.5 to 1
Week 7: 8 to 1

Such disrespect!

The rest of the season saw the Chiefs drop from 8 to 1 favorites to win the Super Bowl all the way down to 4.5 to 1. Underdogs!

Before the season, as the website Arrowhead Pride shared, the Chiefs were favored to win 13 out of the 17 games on their schedule.

They were literally underdogs in just THREE GAMES before the season had even started.

So who are all these people who didn’t give Kansas City any chance to win the Super Bowl that Brittany Mahomes, Travis Kelce and innumerable Chiefs fans keep crying about?

Absolutely no one outside of those who root for the Chiefs knows.

“Stop embarrassing your husband and making people hate him. Enjoy the win,” someone else commented.

“I really don’t understand what you’re talking about. Playing the we were counted out card?” another NFL fan replied. “All have been saying how much better Chiefs we’re than anyone else all season and how Mahomes is so much better than Burrow etc. Quit trying to play that card now. Give us all a break.”

“The refs handed them the Bengal game, and the Eagle game! Enjoy the Mickey Mouse ring,” read another response that even some former NFL players can’t argue with.

That didn’t happen either.

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